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Welcome to the MCH Extranet Site

Here you will find files and other information organized in a way that will help you find what you need faster and easier. Please check back here regularly for new information and updates.

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Mission Statement

To partner with our community to heal, nurture, and promote wellness.

Vision Statement

To be the first choice and the community leader in healthcare.

MCH Values

Compassion: At MCH Health System we are committed to providing our customers with a compassionate, personal touch. In doing so we will:
• Show genuine concern for the well-being of our customers
• Take the time to "be there" and listen intently to identify our customers' needs
• Empathize with our customers and their families and answer questions honestly, even if it's difficult
• Take the initiative to find ways to delight our customers and "make their day"

Dignity:  At MCH Health System we are committed to respecting the individual dignity of all.  In doing so we will:
• Protect the privacy of our patients
• Address others as they prefer; address physicians as doctors; introduce ourselves and act in a non-judgmental way
• Treat patients and their families as members of the healthcare team

Quality:  At MCH Health System we are committed to providing the highest quality of care.  In doing so we will:
• Consistently offer our best
• Communicate across department lines to provide continuity of care
• Follow through with our commitments
• "Choose our attitude" and hold ourselves accountable for behaviors and actions and how they affect others

Talent:  At MCH Health System we are committed to recognizing the talents and abilities of our medical staff, co-workers and volunteers.  In doing so we will:
• Recognize others' abilities through kind actions and words
• Nurture other people's talents by building up one another and finding ways to "play" at work
• Show appreciation for the work others do by celebrating milestones and accomplishments
• Recognize that our patients have talents and are experts too